It is often said that Naples and the Paradise Coast are much more cosmopolitan than Florida’s crowded east coast. Whether you love the idea of lunching with friends on your own private yacht, or dream of an everyday existence where you can surf turquoise waves year round, a Naples Florida home offers a perfect combination of world-class sophistication and a genuine beach lifestyle.

From Naples’ never-ending, unspoiled sandy shores to the extraordinary availability of excellent golf courses in the area, this city has so much to offer its residents. But world-class amenities, recreation and stunning surrounds aside, one of the major draws of this location is indeed the climate. Owning a Naples, Florida home allows you to soak up some of the country’s warmest days when it is winter everywhere else; during summer the temperature is kept comfortable thanks to pleasant breezes from the gulf. If you like the idea of an outdoors lifestyle, it truly doesn’t get much better than this.

How to Buy a Naples Florida Home

Naples has been around for more than a century. What started out as a small fishing village back in the late 1800’s has grown into the elegant, confident and worldly residential destination that now exists. If you would like to secure a Naples home, it is recommended that you team up with a local real estate agent. This is a destination that attracts everyone from A-list jetsetters to the arts elite – so in order to remain competitive when you look for your dream home, professional support is of the essence.

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